LIFE is focused on generating an awareness of the sanctity of life. Through educational resources may your heart be moved to defend life by helping to end abortion, which kills a baby every 23 seconds in America. Pray, right now, that some mother changes her mind today; and will keep her unborn baby.

Since 1973, when abortion was legalized in the United States, more than 52 million legal abortions occurred in our country. More lives are taken by abortion, in comparison to those lives America has lost through war, since the Civil War. The current Iraq war has claimed around 5900 lives of which we grieve dearly. Think of it - 52,000,000 lives ended.

We hope you find information for peaceful, legal, effective activity to help end abortion.‚Äč 

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Images of aborted babies


90% of babies are aborted

at this gestational age.

Pictures courtesy of Priests For Life

America will not end abortion, until America sees abortion.

Visit for more pictures of aborted babies. See for yourself, what we are doing to our unborn children.

Everyone Against Abortion, Raise Your Handvideo