Suggested Activities

1. Pray daily for an end to abortion. Pray for women tempted to have abortions, for doctors and nurses involved in the abortion industry, for legislators, for clergy, to not only realize it is wrong, but have the courage to speak up with charity. Form a pro-life prayer team or prayer groups in homes or parishes/churches.

2. Read! Be more informed about abortion from such books as Abortion:Question and Answers, by Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke (Available from Hayes publishing 513- 681-7559.)

Earth's Trash, Heavens's Treasure

3. Wear the "Precious Feet" pin that show the baby's feet at 10 weeks after conception. (Order from Heritage House 1-800-585-3040.

4. Use pro-life pins, decals, envelopes, bumper stickers, T-shirts, posters, etc. (Orderfrom Heritage House.) Place posters and literature on public bulletin boardsin supermarkets and other facilities

5. Send letters or articles to newspapers, to your elected officials, institutions, and publications regarding respect for life. For samples, visit

6. Find out whether candidates running for public office support abortion, and tell others. Send pro abortion politicans the U.S. Bishops' document "Living the Gospel of LIfe" Become involved, as citizens. Vote in such a way that will advance the protection of life.

7. Donate pro-life books to your local libraries, schools, colleges, and churches. Request such books at your libraries and bookstores.

8. Promote adoption. For information, call the National Council For Adoption in Alexandria, VA (703-299-6633) or the Catholic Counseling Services at 1-800-BABY-DUE.

9. Keep informed of national legislative efforts by calling the National Right to Life legislative hotline in Washington DC at 202-626-8800x120. Visit

10. Fly the flag at half-mast in respect for the babies killed by abortion.

11. Conduct fundraising efforts for pro-life groups: car-washes, bake-sales, raffles, etc.

12. Run a pro-life booth at fairs, rallies, conventions.

13. Use checks which carry a pro-life message. Contact Promise Checks, 1-800-977-6647

14. Donate to a pro-life group. Volunteer for them.

15. LIFE will have an ultra runner going the distance of 100 miles,

November 13, 2010. The Mother Road Race is from Baxter Springs, KS to Catoosa, OK. Donate per mile to GOTTA RUN for life is helping to generate an awareness of the dignity of those who cannot speak up for themselves. Our runner is " offering up " the challenges she will be experiencing in the ultra race, for those "Precious Feet" that will never have an opportunity to run a race on this earth.

16. Use the internet to spread the message. Put a pro-life signature on your emails. Send pro-life messages to your email lists. Visit and learn from pro-life websites.

17. Visit link to "Raise Your Hand" brochure video. Send the video to five of your friends.

Together We Can Make A Difference Together We Can End Abortion

Respect LIfe